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Paleo Plus Turkey and Fish is a low-fat, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF). This chunky mince raw dog food is made with 100% natural ingredients and includes a 5% Paleo Plus Berry Good mix of superfoods for an additional nutritional boost.

Suitable for all life stages including puppies and seniors, this turkey and fish dog food is also great for fussy dogs, dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies. 

Order today to see how Paleo Plus Turkey & Fish can benefit your dog.

Paleo Plus - Turkey & Fish - 500g

  • Turkey, Fish, Beef  & Superfoods (Berry Good Mix) 

  • Protein 17.0%, Fat 5%, Moisture 76%, Fibre 0.1%, Ash 1.02%, Calcium 0.33%, Phosphorus 0.29%, Kcal 123



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