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Our Story

The journey started with wanting to feed my own dogs with a healthy diet and help them to be in the best shape possible, so I decided to train in dog nutrition and research as mush as I could to achieve it. from then on it just naturally progressed first with just sharing what I had learnt, and helping others understand the benefits to feeding a better diet to then not long after starting Happy Paws, and offering a choice of different bands and price points to suit most budgets. 

Happy Paws is an online only store, we don't have a physical shop. However you can collect your order 7 days  a week from one of the convenient electronic boxes when it suits you. (just order by 6pm the day before you want to collect) But if you would rather have your order delivered that's not a problem and local delivery is just £2.95 and orders are generally delivered in the evening when most people are home between 6-8pm. 

Funny Pitbull Portrait
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