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Our Betsy's Lamb and Chicken flavour is another new product to the 'Simply' range and contains no offal, great for breeds like Dalmatians that cannot tolerate it. Please remember, no offal means this isn't a balanced meal and whilst you can balance your dogs diet over time, this would mean you would need to add additional offal throughout the week.


Lamb and Chicken is a new combination for Betsy's Raw Food and contains 50% Chicken (with bone) and 50% Lamb. These are both UK, High Quality Cuts of meat sourced here in the UK. Put through our chunky 8mm plate, you can really see the colour and texture of the meat.

Offal Free Lamb and Chicken - 1kg

  • British lamb (50%) and British 
    chicken (of which 10% is bone)

  • 18.0% Protein, 0.1% Fibre, 55.5% Moisture, 2.2% Ash, 26.36% Fat

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