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A tasty treat for four-legged lamb lovers. A complete and balanced meal with just a single source of protein. 

Combining premium cuts of lamb, offal and meat with 20% fresh seasonal vegetables and our botanical mix. 

Lamb is a fantastic source of B vitamins which helps maintain good gut health, keep teeth and coats shiny and strong, and provide all the energy your dog needs 

Lamb Complete Adult Raw Working Dog Food

PriceFrom £3.80
  • 50% Lamb Trim, 10% Lamb Tripe, 10% Lamb Heart, 10% Lamb Liver, 9% Carrot, 8% Parsnip, 3% Broccoli

  • Moisture 67.2% | Crude Protein 14% | Crude Fat 14.55% | Crude Ash 2.6% | Crude Fibre 0.3% | Calcium 0.87% | Phosphorous 0.54% kcal/100g 177

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