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A mouthwatering, nutrient-dense complete meal with goose and turkey.

Treat your dog to something new with this winning combination of protein-rich goose and classic turkey. This moreish recipe is packed with 80% goose and turkey meat, bone, and offal and 20% fresh vegetables and botanicals.

Goose is an excellent alternative protein that is high in iron, protein, riboflavin and vitamin B-6. Combined with high protein, low-calorie and low-fat turkey, this satisfying meal is sure to leave bowls spotless.

Goose & Turkey Complete Adult Raw Working Dog Food - 500g/1kg

PriceFrom £3.55
  • Goose 40%, Turkey 30%,Ox Liver 5%,Ox Kidney 5%,Parsnip 8%, Carrots 9%, Broccoli 3%, Botanicals Including: Flaxseed Oil, Kelp, Turmeric, Celery Seeds, Alfalfa, Nettles, Psyllium Husk, Clivers & Wild Yam.

  • Moisture 67.5% | Crude Protein 12.1% | Crude Fat 15.58% | Crude Ash 4% | Crude Fibre 0.2% | Calcium 0.07% | Phosphorous 0.04% kcal/100g 177

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